Fern Richardson is an author with an award-winning container gardening blog and a book called Small-Space Container Gardens, slated to be published in February of 2012 by Timber Press.

Fern has been gardening in small spaces since she was a little girl. It all started when she read a book about saving the environment (and you thought “green living” was new!) by planting habitats for endangered animals and insects. Fern set to work cultivating plants in a small planter in her parents small suburban yard. Fern’s grandma caught wind of her new found interest in gardening and started sending her home with cuttings. The rest–as they say–is history!

Fern now gardens on a west facing balcony that is approximately 40 square feet. She especially enjoys cultivating succulents, culinary herbs, and fruit trees. Though nearly all blue or orange flowers can usually convince Fern to take them home. She also has co-opted some of the space outside her front door, where only tough plants can survive the naughty things passersby do to plants in public places.

Somewhere along the way, Fern earned a BA in graphic design and a law degree, although she doesn’t practice law, nor work as a graphic designer. In 2010 Fern became a certified master gardener. Fern lives with her husband and four cats in Southern California. By day, she works in marketing for Kellogg Garden Products.

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