In Small-Space Container Gardens, Fern Richardson walks you through the process of beautifying a small space–even when you have a similarly small budget.

This exciting guide layers practical gardening fundamentals with creative solutions that encourage thinking outside the pot. Maybe this means repurposing a shipping pallet to create a colorful vertical garden of nasturtiums and lobelia. Or simply seeing walls, rafters, railings, and everything in-between as fair game. It’s in these containers–traditional or not–that you’ll cultivate your own food, attract beneficial insects, grow flowering vine privacy screens, and so much more. You’ll also learn how to tackle unique challenges, like windy conditions when gardening several stories above street level, and how to care for plants and troubleshoot with the best of them.


  • Selected by Amazon’s editors as a “Best Book of the Month” for March, 2012.
  • North Coast Gardening – “Fern’s DIY style is made easy and fun with numerous tutorials and crafts throughout the book….The book is beautifully-photographed and designed, and would make a great gift for the beginning or advanced container gardener. The text covers all that a beginner would need to know in clear language, while the designs and DIY projects offer enough interest to keep even pros like me coming back for more.”
  • Susan Morrison, author of Garden Up! – “Filled with useful information, but written in a relaxed, chatty style, it’s a great cover-to-cover read, while also working well as a reference guide if you’re looking for specific tips, such as container plants that attract butterflies or how to choose the correct potting soil.”
  • Publisher’s Weekly – “You don’t need a yard in the suburbs to surround yourself with homegrown beauty and produce. Richardson, writer of an award-winning blog about gardening in tiny spaces, offers a comprehensive approach to getting started on a balcony or wee patio.”
  • Good Reads: “Very easy to read with good instructions on how to create a beautiful retreat in a very small space.”